Stratopilot Released

I finally got around to porting the Rosco2Garmin app to Android, now rebranded as “Stratopilot”. Unfortunately the Android version of Garmin Pilot doesn’t support traffic messages, only AHRS messages, but features on the iOS version slowly make their way to the Android version so hopefully traffic should automagically just work once they enable it. Recently […]

Stratofier Available

The latest version of Stratofier adds an ownship specification so you don’t see your own ADS-B position (that would always be dead center with the exact same heading and altitude you’re at). Bearing and distance to either the Direct-To airport or the From-To destination airport added to the top left of the display, when set.


RoscoPi is now branded as Stratofier and is now available on the Google Play store here. Most of the changes in the current release are tweaks and fixes to laying out many of the text items that were problematic. Enjoy! At the same time I’ve started aligning everything under the SkyFun brand and the old […]